Hello POP1 Community!

Seattle, March 16, 2022 — Get ready to explore our largest map ever, Metropolis, launching tomorrow!

Inside this sprawling city labyrinth you’ll find new jump pads, multi-story buildings backlit with neon signs, a store with free loot and more. The huge new map is designed for fast paced, exciting Battle Royale gameplay only found in our new game mode, Metropolis Battle Royale.


  • New Metropolis Map! More square footage than the entire map combined, fight it out in a huge city labyrinth designed for chaos where no single battle will ever feel the same. Fly, climb, and master the new jump pads at the destination you MUST see to believe: METROPOLIS!

  • New Game Mode - Metropolis Royale: For the first time, 18 players will drop into Metropolis for an entire Battle Royale all at one destination. It’s handcrafted to create the most engaging Battle Royale experience only possible in VR.

  • New Mechanic - Jump Pads: Launch into the air to get a strategic vantage point, use it to escape enemies, or quickly scale the giant skyscrapers even faster than climbing. Use them in death to get back to your team for a revive fast! You`ll find these scattered around the Metropolis!

  • New Lighting - Neon Night: Coming later during the Metropolis Update, the new Neon Night Mode has a 33% chance to appear in each match. The map will have bright neon lights that look even better at night. You can already feel the old school/retro vibe coming through!

  • New Legendary Skins: New skins allow you to truly stand out from the crowd. The picture below is only a taste of all the Metropolis character skins; there are many more to come!


Come enjoy Metropolis with your friends starting tomorrow, March 17th @ 12pm Pacific.

See you in the game!

- BigBox VR

If you have any questions please contact us at

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