Hello POP1 Community!

Seattle, March 31, 2022 — The reception to Metropolis has been huge!

The BigBox VR team could not be more excited that our community has loved Metropolis.

So much more is coming this year, and it is important to us to share early details of what to expect (although we can’t spoil it all!!)


While Metropolis Events will be starting soon (stay tuned on socials), our next major POPULATION: ONE update will be coming in June. There’s a lot to share and this is just a glimpse of what is coming next!


  • New Guns! Hunting for the best loot will be even more fun with the addition of new guns designed for more intricate strategies and higher intensity battles. New guns will also add more variety to every game mode that POP1 offers.

  • Gun Mechanic Revamps: Looting and maneuvering around the map are essential components to obtaining victory, but to be the top squad, fighting is inevitable. We're working hard to bring new and improved gun mechanics to POP1.

  • Leaderboard/Statmaster Event Overhauls: The POP1 Community is highly diverse and we want to reward both competitive players as well as new and casual players.

    • Leaderboard Events - Leaderboard events are about to get more competitive. Only the best in this Ranked Mode will rise to the top, earning the rewards that will set you apart from everyone else!

    • Statmaster Events - We also want to reward dedicated players at all skill levels who keep coming back. These Statmaster events are all about playing consistently to gain exclusive rewards.

  • Expanded Social Store: An Expanded Social Store where you can spend Seeker Silver on past free event titles, sprays, and gun skins. Add more friends to max out your daily Seeker Silver!

  • This year is FULL of things to come. Continue to check our socials as we roll out these exciting changes, and as always, feedback is welcome!

    See you in the game!

    - BigBox VR

If you have any questions please contact us at press@bigboxvr.com

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