OCTOBER 22, 2020

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POPULATION: ONE from BigBox VR is Now Available - Squad-Based Battle Royale, Only Possible in VR

Players Can Climb Anything, Fly Anywhere and Fight Everywhere with Crossplay

Seattle, October 22, 2020 – BigBox VR’s battle royale FPS, POPULATION: ONE, is now available on Oculus Quest and Rift platforms with cross-buy support, as well as on HTC Vive, Windows MR and Valve Index for $29.99. Crossplay will bring together an even wider multiplayer community. 

POPULATION: ONE offers limitless combat possibilities by removing the “guardrails” of a typical gaming experience. Set in a colorful, near future in an open world, players can climb anything, fly anywhere and fight everywhere. POPULATION: ONE combines rich social connections, competitive play, and live service to create a multiplayer community leveraging the immersive power of VR. In the game it feels like your squadmate is right next to you; fist bump (and join your friends list) after a great win. 

The $29.99 game price includes access to the entire game, a full progression system with unlockable character skins and gun skins, daily challenges, and combat trial bot mode. After launch, the gameplay and narrative will evolve with the community through free updates. This includes new features and modes, map changes, and in-game events to unlock cosmetics. There will also be an in-game store which contains additional cosmetic items (without any competitive advantage) available for purchase. A battle pass system is in the works as well.

Chia Chin Lee, BigBox VR’s CEO and co-founder, said, “With the launch of POPULATION: ONE, we are seeing our vision turn into a reality. We want to create the future of VR online multiplayer with next-gen gameplay and social connection, only possible in VR.”

With the unique Vertical Combat System (VCS) in POPULATION: ONE, players can climb, fly, and build, all while engaging in intense firefights. Climbing offers a creative way to use the environment for gaining the high ground advantage. Flying creates intense aerial combat scenarios that put the player in the center of the action. Building is designed for make-shift cover or sneaky sky bridges, rather than dominating the combat experience. In POPULATION: ONE, players can fight anywhere in the map.

POPULATION: ONE supports 18 players, six squads with three players each, per match. Eliminated players enter a custom-built spectate mode where they can control the god-view camera to watch all the action and chat with other players.

POPULATION: ONE lets players live out the fantasy of being a badass action hero in VR,” said Gabe Brown, BigBox VR’s CTO and co-founder. “The freedom to move anywhere in the world like you would in a sci-fi movie, the presence you feel playing with a friend, and the new content drops after launch are just a few reasons we think players will keep coming back for more.” 

About BigBox VR

BigBox VR is the developer behind POPULATION: ONE — battle royale only possible in VR. BigBox VR’s mission is to combine platform-defining games, social communities, and competitive play to create a VR esports ecosystem. It is based in Seattle and was founded in 2016 by game industry entrepreneurs who led successful exits and launched top-grossing live service products at Valve, Disney, Sony, and Microsoft. Visit us on the web at www.bigboxvr.com.

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